September 27, 2021

OfficinaRC 4.9mm & 4.2mm titanium ball studs

OfficinaRC has created a new line of titanium ball studs. These new versions expand the current range by also working with Xray and Yokomo models and all other brands that use 4.9mm and 4.2mm studs. The 4.9mm line comes in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm while the 4.2mm version comes in just 4mm. Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium with a 2mm Allen head on top of the ball, the titanium used is of the highest quality and is practically indestructible. Thanks to the quality of the material used, strength is also increased, while have a weight saving of 42% over the standard parts.

View the different ball stud sizes here

September 27, 2021

Pirani RC tungsten tire file

Coming from Italian brand Pirani RC is this tungsten tire file to round off the the tire’s corners following truing. The file is made with high resistance tungsten and attached to an ergonomic handle that is available in five different colours that can be chosen at the time of order.

View more images of the files here

September 27, 2021

Smith & Hart win BRCA finale as Murray take Stock title

The fifth and final round of this season’s BRCA touring car nationals saw drivers competing at the Bedworth club based in the heart of the midlands. Xray driver Olly Jefferies had already taken the modified title at the previous round which was good for him as he suffered a bad day with tyres issues. Leading the modified drivers in qualifying was Zak Smith and he would take TQ ahead of Kyle Branson who was enjoying a good end to his national campaign taking victory at the last round at Cotswolds. Harley Eldridge lined up third after a very mixed qualifying for the Yokomo driver where she had used al her allocated tyres.

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September 27, 2021

ONG 30g & 15g rear chassis weights

Davide Ongaro’s brand ONG have introduced two new NGO rear chassis weights for the Associated RC8B3.2 to their collection. Available in 15 gram and 30 gram variants they have been machined from high quality brass and sport a unique aesthetic to add a flourish to your car. They each feature two threaded holes for mounting.

View the 15g weight here

September 27, 2021

Surpass Rocket 540 Plus V2 combo

Surpass have introduced the V2 version of their Rocket 540 Plus 4-pole brushed crawler motor. The power plant features a 5-slot 775-sized rotor for improved low-speed linearity and increased low-speed torque and it makes use of high-strength and high-temperature resistant neodymium iron boron magnets. Compared with its predecessor, performance has been improved with lower internal resistance along using optimised magnets resulting in reduced heat build up making the whole unit more efficient. The motor is available in four different winding variants including 11T, 13T, 16T, and 20T. The combined 80A speed controller has also been updated, the V2 version having much improved throttle feel and the internal resistance of the MOS tube has been reduced, again for reduced heat and improved efficiency.

View the ESC here

September 24, 2021

Pro-Line Secure-Loc extended body mounts

The all-new Pro-Line body mount kit includes adjustable body mounts so you can fit more body options onto your Tenacity SCT & TT Pro. Just screw down the included setscrew into the body mount, place the o-ring over the setscrew and mount your body as you normally would, but with the added safety, security, and styling of Pro-Line’s innovative screw on body mounting system. This body mount system opens new body options, like tall SUV-style bodies, that you didn’t have before due to the tall posts included with this system.

View an image of the body mounts here

September 24, 2021

Rêve D countersunk & button head M3 titanium screws

Rêve D have introduced two new ranges of titanium screws, countersunk and button head. To enhance their popular SPM (Super Precision Machine Cut) Titanium Series with ultra-high precision machine cut threads they are introducing a countersunk (CSK) head screw and a button head screw. Perfectly machined with high precision using lightweight and highly rigid titanium material that not only makes your car lighter, but also helps it to be assembled perfectly straight and true. Made of SPM Titanium with a brilliant finish that enhances your cars premium look. Both versions are M3 and come in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 18mm lengths.

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September 24, 2021

Team Saxo GT-500 V2 1/10th touring car

The GT500-V2 from Team Saxo is a 1/10 rear wheel drive electric on-road touring car. This pan car style 1/10 chassis comes with the right track width and wheelbase to fit most of the current 1/10 touring car bodies. Combining the simple but efficient 2-wheel drive chassis with a closed wheel body and rubber touring car tires, the GT500-V2 is expanding the boundary of RC racing. It creates a low maintenance yet high performance class that drivers can focus more on driving and have close wheel-to wheel racing. The GT500-V2 features a 1/12th scale style front end which makes it easy to alter the camber, caster and other setup aspects. The link style rear pod allows the chassis to roll freely without binding and it is easy to set up the side tube and spring to adjust the roll stiffness to alter the handling of the car. A standard sized rear ball diff is included in the kit with touring car wheel adapter to take advantage of the modern tire technology developed in the competitive 4wd touring car racing competition. Different positions for battery placement are provided for the drivers to fine turn the weight distribution of the car and alter the handling characteristics and different positions for body mounting are also provided to suit different body type and styles.

View more image of the GT-500 V2 here