May 26, 2022

Xpress Arrow AT1 1/10 Competition shaft drive TC kit

A new series of shaft driven 1/10 touring cars from Xpress, the Arrow series takes the best from the Execute series of touring cars and incorporates it in a shaft driven system. Sporting floating gearboxes to not interfere with the chassis’ flex, a specially designed motor mount makes adjusting gear mesh a breeze. Also bringing various modern designs that brings this car fit for racing straight from the box. To keep the centre of gravity low, separate shock mounting bulkheads were chosen.

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May 26, 2022

OfficinaRC 3mm Ball Studs

Thanks to its reduced thread length, the OfficinaRC OFC-49-3 ball stud for Xray removes any possible interference between bulkhead and top deck in terms of alignment and torsion. Make your model lighter, more agile and sturdier. These ball studs are made in Italy with TiAl6V4 Titanium to ensure the best possible product on the market. The titanium used is of the highest quality and is practically indestructible and the part is 42% lighter than the kit steel ball studs. Available as a two piece kit or as part of a complete car set.

View the mounted ball stud here

May 26, 2022

Picco P3TT Limited edition engine

Celebrating the great success of the P3TT Buggy engine, Picco have introduced the P3TT Limited edition engine. Restricted to 300 pieces only, they are supplied with all the technical tuning options such as DLC treated crankshaft, rear ceramic bearing, head button with silicone seal to prevent dust and vibration. This engine has been designed to improve throttle response and fuel economy and it features the new oval Venturi for exceptional power control on low grip tracks and in addition is supplied with standard round 7.0 and 7.5mm versions giving you the power you need for all grip conditions from very low to extremely high. The oval venturi offers a progressive opening: the surface of a horizontal ellipse evolving more gently than the round opening of regular restrictor. Thus, on a low traction track, the engine’s behaviour will improve the drivability fuel mileage.

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May 26, 2022

One lightweight .21 O.S. carburettor

One have introduced their new carburettor for O.S. based 1/8th circuit or GT engines. Designed to increase torque as well as improving stability from the engine it has a new lightweight design, comes with 7mm and 8.5mm Venturi and all needle screw adjustments are done using a 2.5mm Allen key. The carburettor is a very vital component to an engine and while the current carburettor is doing a good job, One have not stopped with development and have come up with a new improved version.

View more images of the carburettor here

May 25, 2022

SWorkz S35/Apollo series fuel tank

For the SWorkz S35/Apollo series cars comes this fuel tank with nitro floating fuel filter system with 90 degree fuel injectors. For an easier arrangement of your nitro fuel tube lines, this new fuel tank does exactly that. The newly designed 90 degree fuel inlet is directly fitted on the tank with a floating fuel filter system.

Source: MW RC Cars []

May 25, 2022

T-Works case for Hudy & Reds bearing replacement set

Having recently released two engine bearing replacement tool sets, T-Works have now made available the hard case for use with other brands. Coming in two different versions, the difference is with the foam insert. One version is for the Hudy bearing replacement set while the other version is for the Reds Racing set.

Source: T-Works []

May 24, 2022

Motiv Defy graphene 6000mAh LCG pack

More new batteries from Motiv with the introduction of this new Defy grey graphene 6000mAh 2S ultra low CG pack. At only 19mm tall and weighing only 229grams, this pack is best suited for highly competitive racing applications such as modified touring and loose track mod dirt oval. The hard case utilises 5mm bullet connectors.

Source: Motiv RC []

May 24, 2022

MonacoRC corner weight & LCG battery bags

MonacoRC is proud to present two new MonacoRC bag medium blue versions, one with new inner foam to easily and safety carry the SkyRC SCWS2000 corner weight system and one with new Ultra LCG battery inner foam. This case/bag is distinguished from the previous version with a greater attention to detail with an interior all printed with the MonacoRC logo in red tone on tone and a superior quality of workmanship. Inside, the practical mesh pocket is also red and a MonacoRC label has been applied to embellish it. The exterior maintains that sobriety that made this bag so loved, but for reasons of ease of use the zippers with the MonacoRC logo are now two instead of one. With similar but slightly larger dimensions, the new bag is still easy-to-carry thanks to the practical handle.

View more images of the bag here