May 10, 2021

T-Works D819 rear aluminium chassis brace

Made for HB Racing’s D819 & D819RS vehicles is this rear aluminium chassis brace from T-Works. The brace is machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium and they come black anodised for improved wear and looks. Machined silver chamfering further enhances the visual appearance and included with the braces comes suitable mounting hardware.

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May 10, 2021

Mon-tech Racing GP 2021 – Report

The iconic track layout at Minicar Fontanellato (Italy) has been home to the annual Mon-tech Racing GP for many years now. 2021 was no exception as the race was also included in the official calendar of the Italian RC Federation (ACI Sport), thus allowing the race to go ahead with all the necessary authorisations and safety protocols. A strong 65 entries and a very competitive drivers’ field, coupled with good weather and excellent track conditions, saw some breathtaking action. In TC Modified, Gabrielle Berselli took the win ahead of Alessio Menicucci and Silvio Boni.

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May 10, 2021

RC Maker MTC2 SlimFlex chassis & roll centre shim plates

RC Maker have released their new MTC2 SlimFlex chassis & roll centre shim plates. Building on the foundation of their SlimFlex chassis range they believe they have optimised the flex to improve the performance of the car which is reflected in both feeling and lap-times. One major change on the SlimFlex chassis is the removal of the “through” spool and diff cutouts. They have pocketed these only 1mm deep, which provides a more rigid front and rear. This directs the flex back the the centre of the chassis for more consistent handling. RC Maker have also releases new easy to change roll centre shim plates for the MTC2. Simply loosen the screws, slide one plate out and another plate in and tighten. The set includes 0.5mm and 1mm plates for front and rear, meaning you can adjust anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5mm depending on how many, and which plates you use.

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May 10, 2021

JConcepts Reflex in Aqua A2 compound

JConcepts have announced the release of their popular Reflex 1/8th buggy tyres in Aqua A2 compound. The Reflex tire is designed to bridge a gap between the popular Triple Dees tire and Ellipse. It has square angled pins that are stacked vertically to flex and fold evenly across the tire. Typically a stacked tread will wear less and provide more forward bite while the aligned space helps rotation in the turns and gives a snappy release to square up quickly.

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May 10, 2021

VP-Pro shock & diff, after-run & air filter oils

VP-Pro have released new additions to their line of oils starting with the new pure silicone shock & differential oil as well as an after-run oil and air filter oil. Using imported oil, they utilise an internationally certified instrument to verify the viscosity to ensure it matches 100% to what is shown on the label. They designed a special bottle for this oil with a clear finish to better see the capacity inside. In addition, capacity has been increased from the original 60ml to the current 100ml while the unit price is kept the same. Available from 150 to 50,000 CST.

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May 7, 2021

Shepherd Velox V10 AWS 1/10th chassis

Team Shepherd have released the Velox V10 AWS nitro touring kit. The latest variant of the successful V10 platform has been developed in cooperation with team drivers and selected customers around the world to take a big variety of skill levels into account. The kit features the advanced weight system chassis plate that allows the use of sliding weights at the lowest possible point of the car. By moving the included weight forward or backward the balance of the car can be fine tuned in the pitlane with ease. The related battery mount has been updated to a carbon plate instead of the composite version that was included in the AWS set previously. In the rear end the geometry has been updated slightly by moving the lower hinge pins closer together. The camber link carbon plate has been reinforced to increase the durability and aluminium dogbones and the according wheel axles replace the CVC driveshafts and improve the overall handling. The front and rear carbon shock towers feature new shock positions allowing finer adjustments of the shock position while the updated radio plate supports made of 7075 T6 aluminium give more room for a clean wiring of the electronics. Furthermore the clutch bell has been upgraded to the light weight aluminium version and the front body mount carbon plate has been reinforced significantly as requested by many racers. The kit will be ready for shipment in a few days with the upgrade set for Velox V10 2019 owners following very soon.


May 7, 2021

JConcepts aluminium 12mm hex wheel adaptors

The Tribute wheels have been a hit on and off the track for RC monster truck racers. One of the key features of the wheels involves having replaceable adaptors which can alter the vehicle width. For the high-power crowd, JConcepts is proud to offer the 18mm and 11mm offset adaptors as a machined aluminium option. With the aluminium adaptors, racers can now power up and race worry free with the mid-track width available by JConcepts. The precision machined hexes are light weight, feature black anodising with laser engraved offset markings. The hex adaptors bolt-up with existing hardware from the #3377 wheels in a 6-lug pattern and include flanged nylon insert lock nuts for bolt-on security. Go fast, be durable and look the part with JConcepts.

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May 7, 2021

JConcepts RC10 Protector body shell

JConcepts have introduced the Protector body shell for the original RC10 buggy. As the name suggests, the new body shares some styling cues from the original days of the RC10 and one of the most popular kit bodies of all-time. This is a CAD design body shell but definitely has its roots set in the 1980’s with rear biased cab, large rear transmission over-hanging section and large rear windows. Never has an RC10 body fit around the tub chassis with careful considerations to the angles, height, and transitions. Certainly, one of the most retro bodies in the JConcepts fleet, the Protector has very simple side-pods and efficiently covers the aluminium tub chassis. Multiple side windows, including the vintage back window, stand out as class leading details. The front nose piece of the body is feathered on the sides and chamfered to fit between the shock tower and slides just inside and on top of the nose brace tubes. A small, flared section near the front provides clearance around the button head screws on the sides of the tub chassis and zip right back onto alignment with the front of the chassis.

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